Soap Challenge #3 – Mica oil swirls

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We are definitely getting into the groove with the new soap designs inspired by the soap challenges of Amy Warden’s Great Cakes Soapworks

Our next design challenge is a simpler design than the last one I did – the Elemental Swirl.

This week’s soap design challenge consists of using micas as our swirling design.

Micas produce a beautiful shimmer color found mostly in glycerin or melt and pour soaps. In cold process soap the shimmer is lost but the color remains. By adding the mica blended in a bit of oil, and poured on top of the soap, the shimmer is kept while the oil is absorbed by the soap.

For our design we chose a Nag Champa scent (think nutmeg, vanilla woodsy scent).  I decided to add a mica line in the middle of the soap to give the soap a beautiful two- toned look. The tops are are swirled with a 24k gold mica.

24k gold Mica LineIMG_1165

The best way I was able to apply is using a 1 tablespoon of the melted oils from my base. I added a tiny scoop of the gold mica using a pipette and later used a dropper to drizzle the mica on the soap tops.

I was afraid that this batch wasn’t going to come out to my liking so I decided to do a 2nd batch.

I took Lavender Breeze – one of our best selling soaps- and decided to add a mica oil swirl. I used purple amethyst mica and drizzled on the tops.

I was very pleased with the Lavender Breeze and even equally delighted when I unmolded the Nag Champa soap. This one came out beautiful.


Nag Champa

Stay tuned for the next and final soap challenge.

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  1. Anne-Marie Faiola
    April 24, 2013

    Both batches turned out fabulously and your mica oil swirls turned out great. =)

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