2013 Central New York Soapmakers Gathering

I couldn’t pass up this year’s Central New Yorkers Soapmakers Gathering in Binghamton, NY.

The gathering is a fun time for bath and body makers to take time off from their hectic schedules and enjoy a full day of learning more about their craft through demos and just talking to other B&B owners. Included in the festivities are door prizes, a raffle, a product swap, a yankee swap, breakfast and lunch and a garage sale.


The morning kicked off with a round of door prizes included gift certificates to suppliers, a beautiful perfume making kit, books, fragrance oils and lots of goodies us soapers will drool over. I won a gift certificate to Symphony Scents. Check out below the essential oils I picked up!

Symphony Scents

The 1st demo was soap cupcakes! Taught regularly by the incredible La Shonda Tyree – The Handmade Soap Coach – from New Jersey. La Shonda says soap cupcakes make wonderful favors for wedding and birthday occasions. How cute did these come out?! I will definitely need to give this a try!


Over lunch I had a chance to catch up with friends who I haven’t seen since the 2012 gathering. It was great to see everyone in great spirits and motivated to take their business to the next level. Although I initially didn’t think I was hungry but all I had to do was take a look at the variety of yummy dishes made and I was hooked! As you can see I was scoping out the possibilities for my plate.


The 2nd demo was a soapmaking technique called the “Peacock Swirl”.  This intricate design is taught by Maria Gelnett from Brookside Studio in the local Binghamton, NY area and requires at least 3 colors in order to pull it off. . A fast hand is needed to get all the colors so it’s no wonder a few of us participated in the swirling of the colors. That’s me in the orange shirt getting my swirl on!

Peacock Swirl

A couple of more rounds of door prizes and a Yankee swap left me with a bevy of colorants and fragrance oils. Yeah, I think I’m addicted to fragrance now. I just can’t help it.

Yankee swap

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  1. It was so good seeing you this year as it is always a good time when soapmakers get together. I am always amazed at how fast the day goes. I can’t wait to see your soap cupcakes 😉

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