Handbag Essentials

If there are ever 5 things I can never leave home without it would be the following.  Because you don’t know who you may bump into – you always have to look your best!

  1. Concealer
    Because I wasn’t born with perfect skin but it doesn’t mean I have to brave the world without it.
  2. Mascara
    It opens up the eye dramatically – can’t walk around looking half sleepy!
  3. Tweezers
    Alas – Makeup can enhance my beauty but not rid stray eyebrow hairs.
  4. Lip Gloss
    It drives me crazy to walk around with dry lips and if I’m going au naturel that day I might as well have a little sheen on.
  5. Mirror
    Ever walked around with a smudge on your face or something between your teeth and for some odd reason no one  mentioned it to you?

And I carry all of these very necessary items in a smart, black little purse inside my big purse!